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 * Food and Healing * Food and Healing
Annemarie Colbin

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One of the best books on how your diet impacts your health. Includes the latest information on new dietary systems, low-fat eating, food combining, and alternative medicine. Food and Healing continues to be a guide to improving your life by changing the way you eat. I have learned a lot from this book and also had the opportunity to attend one of her lectures.
 Too Many Tomatoes, Squash, Beans, and Other Good Things:
A Cookbook for When Your Garden Explodes

Lois M. Landau, Laura G. Myers (Contributor)

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One of the most useful of all vegetable cookbooks, Too Many Tomatoes, Squash, Beans, and Other Good Things has a chapter for each vegetable commonly grown in backyards, featuring general facts; growing requirements; calorie, carbohydrate, and food value information; and detailed instructions for handling, storage, and cooking.
 * A Celebration of Wellness * A Celebration of Wellness:
A Cookbook for Vibrant Living

James, M.D. Levin, Natalie Cederquist

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An easy to use vegetarian cookbook with over 300 lowfat and nonfat Heart Healthy, no dairy, no cholesterol, inspired recipes.
 The Self Healing Cookbook
Kristina Turner

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A macrobiotic primer for healing body, mind and moods with whole natural foods. Besides the recipes, this book also includes self-help charts and self-healing exercises.
 * Horn of the Moon Cookbook * Horn of the Moon Cookbook
Recipes from Vermont's Renowned Vegetarian Restaurant

Ginny Callan

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This was the first "healthy" cookbook bought by my wife. We were very impressed by our visit to Horn of the Moon restaurant. This book is perfect for ovo-lacto vegetarians and people looking for healthy meals but would be of less use to vegans due to the use of dairy and eggs in some recipes.
 The Changing Seasons Macrobiotic Cookbook
Aveline. Kushi, Wendy Esko

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Natural, wholesome, delicious, and balanced are just a few words that describe this macrobiotic cookbook. From lightly sauteed spring greens and refreshing summer salads, to autumn harvest vegetables and hearty winter stews, The Changing Seasons Macrobiotic Cookbook contains hundreds of easy-to-follow and flavorful recipes that bring your body into harmony with seasonal changes.
 * The Book of Whole Meals * The Book of Whole Meals:
A Seasonal Guide to Assembling Balanced Vegetarian Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners

Annemarie Colbin

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This book focuses on entire meals and lists nutritional values and their sources for each meal. Recipes include making your own sauces, dressings and dips.
 Don't Drink Your Milk!
New Frightening Medical Facts About the World's Most Overrated Nutrient

Frank A. Oski, M.D.

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A book that goes against the medical establishment and the dairy industry and shows the downside of drinking milk. This book also brings the diet and health of the cow into the equation. A good book to give grandparents and other well meaning people who may criticize your choices.

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