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 Love, Medicine and Miracles:
Lessons Learned About Self-Healing from a Surgeon's Experience With Exceptional Patients

Bernie S. Siegel

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Unconditional love is the most powerful stimulant of the immune system. The truth is: love heals. Miracles happen to exceptional patients every day--patients who have the courage to love, those who have the courage to work with their doctors to participate in and influence their own recovery.

This book was a source of peace for my dad as he battled cancer.

 Peace, Love and Healing:
Bodymind Communication and the Path to Self-Healing: An Exploration

Bernie S. Siegel

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Originally published nearly ten years ago, Peace, Love & Healing offered the revolutionary message that we have an innate ability to heal ourselves. Now proven by numerous scientific studies, the connection between our minds and our bodies has been increasingly accepted as fact throughout the mainstream medical community.
 How to Live Between Office Visits:
A Guide to Life, Love and Health

Bernie S. Siegel

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The author provides readers with a collection of healthy ways to respond to life's adversities--a warm, deeply intimate book that helps patients with lifelong illnesses look into their hearts and find the strength to survive.
 You Can Heal Your Life
Louise L. Hay

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One of the first and finest books I bought when I started my journey towards personal healing & growth. This book is a must for anyone exploring their personal healing. I gave this book to my mom when she was going through some tough times and she drew inspiration from the author's personal story.
 Heal Your Body:
The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them

Louise L. Hay

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Hay's "little blue book" is still considered the most comprehensive guide to the probable mental causes behind illness in your body. It offers positive new thought patterns to replace negative feelings and shows how a change in attitude can result in a permanent state of health and well-being.

In an easy alphabetical look-up format.

 Love Is Letting Go of Fear
Gerald G., Jampolsky

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An easy to read book that shows how to enjoy life again. It is based on some of the material learned in "A Course of Miracles". Getting rid of fearful perceptions & expectations helps one approach life from a love perspective.

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