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Here is a text archive of our previous "Message of the Month" messages.


8/1/97 | 8/23/97 | 9/9/97 | 9/30/97 | 10/13/97 | 11/12/97 | 12/24/97
1/26/98 | 3/8/98 | 4/1/98 | 10/3/98 | 11/4/98 | 12/10/98 | 3/4/99 | 7/21/99 | 12/4/99 | 2/29/00

Message of the Month 8/1/97

Everything in this Universe is energy. We can choose how we expend our energy. If we direct it positively, with love, we can achieve what is available for our highest good. If we waste it worrying about things out of our control, with fear, we may not have the energy when we need it.

Message of the Month - 8/23/97

Some people think that life is only what they see; that all you are is a physical body in a physical world. They believe that they are a human being having a Spiritual experience. In reality, you are a spiritual being having a Human experience. There is more to the Universe and Life than what you can see. Allow yourself to expand to who you really are.

Message of the Month - 9/9/97

When things are taken away gradually, people tend to not notice it. This is especially true with our health freedom. Ban a vitamin here, a herb there, and a therapy - - before we know it, our health freedom (our choices) are gone. This is what is happening all over the world as more and more countries embrace the CODEX standards. If you want to watch your health freedom disappear, do nothing. If you want to take responsibility for you own health, let your voice be known - before it is too late.

Message of the Month - 9/30/97

How do people measure their self worth? Is there a certain amount of money they must make? Do they need to have a particular type of house, car, etc? Do people only identify with their profession? In this society, a person's self worth is measured by their external success -- their income, possessions, occupation, rather than how they are as people. Before you judge yourself by using external standards, look inside and see the REAL you. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Message of the Month - 10/13/97

Does the daily hustle and bustle of life seem to be speeding up? Are you working harder and getting less done? Then maybe it is time to slow down.Slow down you say, but how is this going to help me get more done?

The motto "work smarter, not harder" may be helpful in understanding this concept. When you are worn out, your mental abilities are diminished. This may affect the way you do things. You may be doing things the "hard way" and/or be unable to concentrate effectively.

Taking some time off, whether a couple of days or a vacation, will help rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. While relaxed, new ideas and/or solutions to previous challenges may filter into your consciousness. Take some time off and remember to smell the roses. You will be glad you did.

Message of the Month - 11/12/97

Many people go through life in constant thought. They analyze and then re-analyze the results. They sometimes get so caught up in their thoughts, they miss the beauty going on around them.

Living from the heart is opening up to receiving and giving more love. It is about improving relationships with both yourself and others. It is accenting the positives rather than dwelling on the negatives. For many, it is a new way of approaching life. If the old way of living is getting you down, try living from the heart, you'll LOVE it.

Message of the Month - 12/24/97

We are in the holiday season and about ready to start a new year. Beginning something new gives us a chance to make changes for the better. A tradition that comes to mind is the New Year's Resolution. Many of us make resolutions to stop smoking, lose weight, exercise, etc. These are noble, but most resolutions are broken in the first few weeks of the new year. Since this is such a spiritual time of the year, how about making a spiritual committment to reconnect with your higher power and spread as much love as possible to the world. Heaven knows, we need it.

Message of the Month - 1/26/98

Do you presently take control of your own health? There are many aspects of this. First, it is important to control what is put into your body. Make sure the water you drink and cook with is as healthy as possible. Also, try to buy organic and other natural foods that are free of additives and chemicals, such as pesticides, herbicides, etc. A personal fitness program can also help keep your body healthy. Remember, YOU are responsible for your own health. Take that responsibility seriously.

Message of the Month - 3/8/98

When is organic food not organic food? If the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) puts its proposed organic regulations in place. The USDA's proposed regulations would allow currently banned farming practices to be considered and labeled organic. Such practices such as Genetic engineering, and using sewage sludge may one day be allowed under the organic foods umbrella. In addition, it would ban 3rd party certifying agencies from adopting more stringent standards. Consumers would be the real losers since this would amount to nothing more than legalized consumer fraud. To find out more, go to the Health Freedom Watchdog section. Let the USDA know that you oppose it's new standards during the public comment period. Act now before it is too late.

Message of the Month - 4/1/98

The Spring season is upon us in the western hemisphere. In Nature, it is traditionally a time of growth and renewal. We need to realize that we're also part of nature and also need to attend to our personal growth to remain harmonious with nature. During this beautiful season, take some time and connect with nature. Get outside, take a stroll and appreciate the beauty all around you. Also, commit yourself to improving some aspect of your life whether it be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Remember that improving one aspect will also positively affect the others.

Message of the Month - 10/3/98

Sometimes "Letting Go" is the greatest trigger towards your personal healing. Hanging on to something or someone that is not helping you heal and grow may actually do the opposite (stunt your growth and/or negatively affect your health). We, as humans, tend to attach ourselves to objects and people.

As an exercise, try cleaning out a closet, attic, basement - and getting rid of things that no longer serve you. Hopefully, clearing out some of these items will help you clear out the emotional attachments and scars related to these items. Once you experience this clearing, you may be ready to do this on a more personal level.

Message of the Month - 11/4/98

The next time you feel a little run-down, have a headache, feel a cold starting up, take some time to reflect BEFORE you reach into the drug cabinet. What is going on in your life? Is it a very stressful time? Are you losing sleep over it? Have you been eating fast foods and ignoring your body's nutritional requirements? Is that deadline realistic or have YOU made it unrealistic? Will you reach that deadline (goal) if the symptoms turn into a full blown cold or illness?

If you catch the symptoms early enough and give your body what it needs, you may be able to avoid or minimize the effects on your body. You may also be able to think more clearly and ultimately accomplish your goals.

Message of the Month - 12/10/98

The holiday season is in full swing. People are rushing to buy presents for friends and relatives. They are also pushing, shoving and being rude just to find that hard-to-get popular toy. Is this really what the holidays are about? Unfortunately, the commercial interests have redefined this special time as the ring of cash registers rather than the spiritual and religious holidays they were meant to be.

So before you "buy" into this commercial theme, take time to reflect on the true meaning of the holidays. Remember to spread love, kindness and goodwill rather than just the money in your wallet.

Message of the Month - 3/4/99

When we talk about healing, personal responsibility is brought up. "You are responsible for your own healing".

With the Y2K Bug looming closer, personal responsibility is of upmost importance. If there are breakdowns in the infrastucture, the government is probably the worse place to put your faith. The government officials may "head for the hills" or be ineffective if major problems occur.

You can help yourself and your community by being prepared and encouraging your neighbors to also be prepared. Have emergency supplies of water, food, medicine, nutritional supplements, and money available. Look into alternative energy sources for such as solar, wood stoves, etc.

Planning ahead will help you be a solution rather than the problem.

Message of the Month - 7/21/99

Let's face it - Life these days is more complicated and stressful than it was years ago. Because of this, it is important to recharge your "batteries" whenever you can.

One way is to get away from it all, go somewhere and do something you want to do. It can be the mountains, the ocean or somewhere in-between. Whatever you do, try to leave the pager, cell phone, and computer behind.

Allow your mind, body & spirit to relax. Remember, this time is for you. Worrying about work, and family issues will not serve you. A true well deserved rest will serve you better.

After this rest, you may find yourself clearer and able to focus better on your issues.

Message of the Month - 12/4/99

Things change, nothing stays the same. It's one of the laws of the universe. It is human nature to fight these changes and hold onto the old whenever possible. However, change can be a very positive thing.

New opportunities may present themselves, but only if you are open to them. Holding onto the old effectively blocks the new. I recently made a decision to curtail one of my activities. Within a short time, several new activities were presented to me. These new activities turned out to be more rewarding to me than the old activity. I knew from several levels that I needed to make a change. If I held onto the old, I doubt that the new opportunities would have surfaced.

Message of the Month - 2/29/00

We are already two months into the new century and our civilization is still intact. I believe if it wasn't for the major effort to fix the Y2K bugs, there would have been many more problems.

Our natural foods co-op was smitten by the Y2K bug. The older computers could not run the essential financial programs for about 3 weeks until I downloaded and installed a fix. I'm sure that other small businesses with older computers had similar problems.

A new century can mean change. On a personal note, my wife and I are expecting a new baby shortly. A new soul has chosen us to incarnate into this world. I wonder what lessons he has to teach us. Time will tell!



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