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We realize that all computer users do not have the latest state of the art computer systems. We want our site to be useful to anyone seeking us out, regardless of computer platform.

This Website is designed to be accessible by all browsers. This includes graphical browsers, text only browsers, and speech browsers used by the blind. We have purposely kept this site simple -- avoiding frames, unnecessary tables, and any other features that would affect compatibility. We also avoid proprietary HTML tags developed by Netscape, Microsoft, etc., unless their use does not affect compatibility.


We want to be a resource to everyone who wants to explore their personal healing and growth. We have amassed a growing library of articles and other resources at this site. In addition, there are also hundreds of links to like minded sites to help you on your journey.


We believe that people are responsible for their own healing. We need to have many healing choices since we are all individuals and need to choose what is appropriate to us. We don't believe that any government(s) has the right to restrict our choices unless it is detrimental to others. To this regard, we have a section, "Health Freedom Watchdog", that is devoted to providing information concerning government actions that may affect our choices.




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